The components for this piece were sampled in a parish centre in Newcastle Co. Wikclow, obviously while nobody was using the place. My thanks to violinist Naomi Dunleavy for her help with the sampling process. 
The sounds employed range from all manner of percussion, to violin, to voice, to squeaky music stands, to an organ that I treated like a bongo. I did this by slapping my open hand off the keys so that the percussive element of that instrument which is never heard became its primary feature.
The disparate sound sources ran the risk that the end result would be incohesive. To combat this I recorded every sample wet with the strong natural reflections of the location. How those sounds twisted in the air became the unifying element. 
I have no images from the recording process for this one so I have relied on some textures I shot with a reversed lens to give this work a visual identity.
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