This is a one minute piece I submitted to the 60x60 project. The task was to write a piece of sixty seconds in length. Of the many submissions, a few compilations were put together with sixty works, each sixty seconds long, played back to back in an installation with the audience seated before a large analogue clock which they would watch as each piece ran its course.
For the mountains shall depart
And the hills be removed
But Thy kindness shall not depart from me
Neither shall the covenant of thy peace be removed
I originally wrote this piece in 2009 after completing the Tenebrae Factae Sunt. After going to so much effort to write a piece that could be performed with the least difficulty possible I wanted to rebel and compose something deliberately difficult to sing. I chose a religious text because that is the least controversial choral subject, oddly enough. I got one minute into the project before abandoning it as a foolish exercise. Years later when I heard about the 60x60 project I revisited this work. I knew it would never get performed by a choir so I thought I might make an artificial version of it but, rather than let that artificiality be a hindrance, I decided to embrace it. 
I recorded myself singing all the parts, artifically lowering or raising the pitch so that my voice alternated between that of a serial killer and a chipmunk. Then I doubled my voice with sampled choirs to add body to the sound and to further embrace that strange falseness. was selected for both the 60x60 Voice Mix and the 60x60 UK Mix and was presented at the Mitte Museum, Berlin as part of the International Sound Art Festival in October 2012. It was also presented February in 2013 at Texas State University.
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